Manners That Never Go Out Of Style

Manners That Never Go Out Of Style

No matter how people try to argue that we live in a post-manners or post-politeness society, there are some gestures and sayings that will never go out of style. Nor will they ever stop making people feel better. In a world that seems to be divided by pain and anger all the time, a little bit of good behaviour can go a long way. So here are some things you can try:

The Golden Words

The words, “Please”, “Thank You” and “Excuse Me” have extraordinary power in that, if used appropriately, they can discharge a tense and uncomfortable situation in an instant. These are three words that every child learning to speak English will be taught as early as possible because they are the hallmark of good manners. Most people now forgo these words in favour of non-verbal cues or nothing at all, and because of its lack of usage, has even more power now when used.

The Thoughtful Gift

These are the small gifts that show a person that you noticed, that you remembered and that you were thinking of them. If you know a distant cousin or an acquaintance has a recital coming up, grand opening flower stand and send it to their dressing room regardless of whether or not it was a good performance. If someone is sick, post – not email! – a ‘Get Well Soon’ card with a handwritten message, even if all you write is “Love, Smith.” If nothing else, send them a text message that shows you remembered the birthday of that obscure school friend who used to sit in the back and was your lab partner 3 times a week.

Chivalry is NOT Dead

There is a big difference between being chivalrous and being a boor. Do not jump to the defence of a hapless maiden trying to settle a parking ticket; she may not appreciate your patriarchal (and patronizing) knight routine. However, if the occasion arises, do feel free to hold open the door for someone. Ladies, there is no shame in doing this for a man too, especially if he’s the one juggling kids and diaper bag and shopping. If your mum is spending this anniversary alone, be the chivalrous daughter/son and do good bouquet delivery HK so that she feels special.

Personal Hygiene

Interestingly, the more individualistic our society becomes, the less concerned people are about how their personal choices affect others around them. Nowhere is this more obvious than in personal hygiene. On hot days, take extra care of yourself. Wear deodorant or perfume to mask the smell of sweat that will inevitably sweep through our clothes when and if we take public transport; at the dinner table, do not speak with your mouth full and definitely do not chew with your mouth open – you risk spraying others with food and germs. Think about whether that sexy high pony could ruin the view at a concert before you put it on; remember, the people come to see the show, not you.

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