Which Types Of Games Should Be Played At A Birthday Part Of A Boy?

Which Types Of Games Should Be Played At A Birthday Part Of A Boy?

Throwing a birthday party for your little one is quite an exciting experience. While the things you will do for a girl’s one will be more pink, a boy’s party will tend to be more blue. This simply does not mean that the two parties will be coloured in those themes, but the activities done in them will vary from each other as the interests of boys are much different from those of boys. Therefore, the games that need to be arranged for his birthday party too will need to be different and here are some suggestions that you can consider.

Wrapped like a mummy
This is quite an easy game to play and will not require much equipment. You will most definitely not need to spend too much on the toilet paper that will be used in the game. The basic number of team players in the game will be 3 and two of the members will be given toilet paper in order for the third member to be wrapped like a mummy by them. The team that wins will be the team that can finish both toilets papers first.

Water relay
Water relays are ideal for celebrations held at private party venues as you will not need to be worried of becoming a disturbance to others around you. This is a game that should not be underestimated as it is indeed much harder than it looks. The boys will have to fill up their water jug first if they wish to run the relay and win. It is tough because the jugs need to be filled using sponges, which makes it even more difficult as it will not be able to hold that much water in one go.

Laser games
This game will most definitely be exciting for the boys. However, it is advised that laser games should not be used at birthdays of very young children even if they are boys due to safety issues. If your child is above thirteen years then a laser tag birthday party will be a good choice. These games will be more exciting than the previously mentioned ones as they will be more realistic and will make them feel like they are in a typical gaming zone.

Sword relay
Although the word sword is in the title, this game is completely harmless and is ideal for a birthday party of a boy even at a tender age. The basic procedure involves each boy in the team balancing gold coins on the fake swords their given in order to put them into the treasure chests.

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